Case Studies

Family Island Small business (1-5 users)

Company A (a family island company) requested to have all of their computers connected to their Line of Business (LOB) software database to increase productivity.  They were also very concerned about their employees downloading viruses or being able to access systems holding client information remotely.  Being some distance from Nassau, they needed the security and support that is always available and a firm with the professional expertise to manage their network and advise to them on any risk that might arise.

sydney-business-computer-network-serviceSMB Network Consultants was able to design a complete solution for them.  We started by securing the perimeter of the network. An ICSA Labs Certified firewall that had built-in VPN and a content filter engine that protected the users from unwanted websites was installed.  We then implemented a secure wireless and wired network, deployed an enterprise leading antivirus and at the same time gave shared access to the LOB software to all users.  To insure network health, remote monitoring was configured and a monthly maintenance cycle was retained so that watchful eyes can guide them as they grow.

Client(s):Family Island Small Business
Tools:Enterprise Antivirus, Wireless and Wired Network setup
Skill(s):Computer Networking, Consultation, Database Technology

Shipping Company (5 -75 users)

Company B started out with just a few pc’s and now they have grown to a regional shipping leader.  Their main concern with growth was being able to build on their investments.  They wanted a solution that was flexible and modular.  They also need to centralize the data and manage employee access to the network and files.

ADSMB Network Consultants recommended a Windows SBS server solution that included Active Directory Services with Exchange, File and Print server and SharePoint Server.  This Solution allowed them to grow from 5 workstations to 50 workstations.  The company also ran their LOB application for a year utilizing the same server.  When it was time to grow, they were able to add new servers in new locations and build on their initial investment.  All locations are connected with Site to Site IPSEC VPN.  With this level of connectivity, they are able to save money on phone calls using a VOIP phone system that is connected to all locations. SMB Network Consultants also configured remote access for management where they are able to say connected to their staff and work from anywhere.

Client(s):Shipping Company
Tools:Active Directory Services, VPN, VOIP, Remote Access
Skill(s):Computer Networking, Consultation, Database Technology

Large Financial leader (100-300 users)

Company C is a proven Bahamas business leader.  They were about to cycle out old networking hardware and at the same time build a network that can support the new converged (video, voice, data) network to come.  With multiple locations, High Availability and redundancy must be at the core of the deployment.

iStock_000006891592SmallSMB Network Consultants’ core strength is in network design and deployment. A Cisco n+1 redundant network was deployed at all locations complete with power over Ethernet access switches for VOIP phone, MPLS WAN links and DMVPN secondary links to all locations.  QoS was deployed and key in delivering clear streaming voice and video to all locations.

Client(s):Large Financial Leader
Tools:Ethernet Access Switches, VOIP, MPLS WAN links, DMVPN
Skill(s):Computer Networking, Consultation, High Availabity, Network Design and Deployment, Redundancy